Why is it so hard to make changes that last?

How do you get results that stick around instead of just disappearing within days?



We all start out with good intentions.

We all have days when we wake up in the morning and feel THIS will be THE DAY when everything works out fine and all loose ends come together.
We start organizing those papers or other mess that has been laying around our house for weeks.
We start taking care of ourselves by eating well, working out and getting enough sleep.
We believe we can finally break that downward spiral our thoughts and in reflexion our lives have been in.

But then something happens, big or small, and doubt kicks in.

By making one simple change we become aware of everything else that still needs to be done. By organizing one piece of paper for example we can see the huge pile of bills and important documents that are screaming for our attention. And it can seem such a tremendous amount of work that you instantely loose courage. So we make one change and there it stops.

Let me share an insight I just had on this with you: you are not to blame. It is your thinking mind playing tricks on you. The doubt you are experiencing, this inability to keep moving forward after the first few steps is actually OLD ENERGY catching up  with you.

Nowadays it is a FACT that our thoughts create our reality. We have quantum physics and new science  backing this up. And I believe this. And I know  we can create a whole new reality for ourselves. What we often fail to realise however is that it takes a certain period of time and faith to allow these changes to last.

If you decide to change right now, the rest of the day you will still have old thoughts shaping your current reality.

To get back to my example: the bills and documents won’t magically disappear becouse you start thinking they will and you are an organized person from now on. What will happen however is that you won’t have lots of new paperwork coming in.
Many resources say it takes around 4 weeks for a new habit to kick in. I believe we should give ourselves this time without worries.

So as of today if you decide to make a change in your life, allow yourself three weeks without wondering HOW you will accomplish it and just believe and have faith that a new reality will reveal itself to you.

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